Wreck diving

Wreck diving

Draga (stonefreighter)
Small ca. 27m long wreck in 39m depth, a lot of different big fish: lobster, conger, scorpionfish.

Baron Gautsch (passengership)
Most famous wreck in istria. Passenger ship, built in scotland by the austrian lloyd, 1908. It sank on austrian mine, 9miles from pula,13.08.1914. About 300 people died,mostly women and children, in this naval disaster. Special permission needed. Ca.80m long in 40m depth

Rossarol (italian warship)
Sank 1918 by mine. Wreck in 2 parts, ca. 85m long, 8m wide in 42-55m depth.

Flamingo (torpedoboat)
Ca.40m l0ng, 5m wide, in 41-46m depth. Lot of big fishes.

Guiseppe Dezza –„insidioso“(torpedoboat)
Italian minesweeper,built 1913.,sank by torpedo in 1944. Ca. 40m long in 30-35m depth. In 2-parts.

U-82 (u-boot)
Sunk on the end of ww ii. Only stern has been found,with two disel engines. Very close to diving center Orca. Depth 35-39 m.

Josephina (freightship)
Austrian cargo ship. Built 1864. Sank by mine 1864. Ca. 80m long, in 36-43m depth.

Maria (sailing ship)
Sailing ship made of wood. Sunk end of 50-ies.A lot of big fishes. Ship is covered with nets which gives him an image of lost pirate ship!