Diving sites


Housereef: directly below the center, max. 18m, in 18m upper part of a rowing boat (housereef-wreck), in 19m anker ca. 1,2m big. Lobster, conger, electric ray,zeus faber, seaspider, scorpionfish. Especially for night dives.

Fraskeric: very beautiful divesite with 4 tunnels, where you can dive through it, in depth beetween 3 and 18m. Max. Depth 26m. With additional small caves. Zeus faber, lobster, electric ray, catshark. Transfer 10min

Bumbiste: beautiful wall dive, with a lot of different caves,cliffs, big stones and one big cave starting from 20m. To surface, small cave on the top with air inside.Wall is longer then 200m. Lot of different animals. Max depth 30m.

Neptunes ass: driftdive max. 30m. With small caves, wall. Lobster, scorpionfish. Transfer 15min

The mast: from 12-16m wall, in 24m depth mast comes out from the wall, in 7m depth is a cave with ca. 3m diameter. Lobster, scorpionfish. Tranfer 15min, transfer20min

Big surprise: part reef, part wall diving,with a lot of holes and small caves. Till 28m depth. Lobster, electric ray, conger eel, snails. Tranfer: 7min

Maria´s place: driftdive. 25m depth, in 10m torpedo, lobster, electric ray, big seaspider transfer:5min

Canyon: driftdive max. 30m; in 5m three doors, small caves and tunnels. Tranfer 15min

Heaven´s gate: beautiful big cave with small stone beach inside,from the side there is a long nice tunnel and then holes in the stones connected like a small maze. Max. Depth 20m.

Stoja: driftdive max. 25m dive

Lighthouse reef: max. 28m depth, scorpionfish, seaspider. Transfer: 5min

Velike kolumbarice: big cave, max. Depth 10m. The best dive is in shallow water. Transfer: 35min

Muzil: new dive site, drift dive, before was closed by army!