Dive training


Scuba diving surely goes among the most attractive recreational sports of today. Descending down an underwater reef, the sensation of floating in the endless blue of the sea, or merely swimming through a shoal of fish are experiences that both exhilarate and give a feeling of freedom, a feeling no words or pictures can quite convey. The aim of our programmes is to make this unique experience more readily accessible to as many people as possible. Besides accessibility, our utmost priority is the security of our guests and for this reason we have secured expert guidance from experienced professionals who will look after your safety while you make your first steps in the magical world that awaits you under the surface of the sea.

Scuba diver

Don’t have enough time? This is a course for you! In just a day and half, you will learn the basics of scuba diving and become Scuba diver, qualified to dive up to 12 meters. It is perfect for people who don’t want to take two much time of their vacation, but still want to learn scuba diving.

Price: SSI 275 € / PADI 300 €

Open Water diver

First level in full scuba education, after which you are qualified to dive up to 18 meters. Course takes three days to finish and all our training is done on our House reef, which is just in front of the dive center. Last dive will be with boat. Theory is done via e-learning, which means that you can do it in advance from your home and save more time on your holiday for other fun stuff. All our instructors are qualified professionals, who are very pasionate about diving and know how to take individual aproach to every student.

Price: SSI 420 € / PADI 460 €

Scuba rangers

Program designed for the young ones, age 8 to 10. In safe enviroment, with constant supervision of one of our professionals, your child will learn the basics of scuba diving, while having fun. This is a program which is conducted on our House reef, with maximum depth of 5 meters.

Price: 210 €

Continuing education

Extend your scuba diving experience – Advanced Open Water diver, Speciality diver, Rescue diver, Divemaster
For all additional questions and enquiries we are at your disposal at olga@orcadiving.hr